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Peace and tranquility loves add deformity tired feed really Fu Yi is traumatic k
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Peace and tranquility loves add deformity tired feed to pay an accident injury insurance clause really (reported China is sure to control government in April 2003 committee puts on record)

The outside forming peace and tranquility to love Fu Yi of add deformity tired feed really injury insurance of contract of the first insurance contract (the following abbreviation adds originally contract) according to peace and tranquility contract of integrated and accident injury insurance (below, agree via our company and conclude. This add contract beard states effect of have a youthful look in insurance policy or annotate on via our company. The in forming related to this add contract part of master contract all is this add contract make a part. If master contract and the clausal content each other of this add contract have conflict, it is with this add contract accurate.

The 2nd casts those who protect the insurant that this add contract accepts limits protect the age comes 60 days completely to be born 60 one full year of life.

Liability of the 3rd insurance is between this add contract period of efficacy inside, insurant happening harms an accident accidentally, and the day that hurts accident happening from the accident rises 180 days inside, because this accident harms an accident and insurant brings about body deformity, the degree of person insurance deformity in master contract and insurance gold give our company basis the regulation that pays scale the watch affirmatory deformity grade. Insurant still needs to continue to accept treatment, our company are in according to insurant the body state when the 180th day, have deformity identification to its, determine deformity order and degree accordingly. Specific to pay scale to refer to deformity grade and insurance gold to give pay scale the watch: (gold of total disability insurance gives pay scale to already included gold of insurance of master contract disability to give pay scale and gold of additional disability insurance gives this add contract pay proportion)
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