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(classics China is sure to control administrative committee August 2000 approve)

Of contract of the first insurance form

This insurance contract adds transaction of lawful and clause, insurance application, valid statement, check-up, marginalia by insurance policy and place, add stick the etc that approve sheet to be formed about written file.

The 2nd is cast protect range

One, policy-holder:

Every year full 18 one full year of life, have capacity of completely civil action and the person that has insurance interest to insurant, all can cast as policy-holder defend this insurance.

2, insurant:

Every 16 to 64 one full year of life, healthy, the person of can normal labor or job, all can serve as this safe insurant.

Liability of the 3rd insurance

Inside contract agreement period of efficacy, the underwriter bears following insurance responsibility to insurant:

One, time-expired to pay:

Insurant lives to expire to insurance, the underwriter gives Fu Man period insurance gold, amount is time-expired day the total number of remaining sum of insurant individual account, this contract is stopped.

2, die or total damage safeguard:
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