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Much treasure of friendly nation benefit is all-purpose model lifelong birthday
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Insurance product to get used to the market, product that caters to consumer demand to roll out a justifiable money function in succession, these products can satisfy safeguard requirement already, can gain income of regular investment conduct financial transactions again, it may be said is pair of winning products. At the same time insurance company sells new channel to extend insurance, rolled out many silver to keep a product with bank collaboration again. Money of B of much treasure of friendly nation benefit (all-purpose model) lifelong Shou Xianzheng is to be below big environment of this kind of market, combine afore-mentioned two big characteristics and the product that roll out, it is a product that sells in the acting channel such as the bank, the common characteristic that has silver to keep a product namely the clause is simple, still have additionally set lowest to assure yield, cast before protecting 10 years to have live appreciation gives pay, still can obtain die and the characteristic that accident die ensures inside contract period of efficacy. Plant nearly the characteristic sets the minimum of 1.75% year assure interest rate. Before 10 years, annual and additional to pay you the individual account value of 1% , accumulative total appreciation gives pay the individual account of 10% value. If encounter accident die, divide outside obtaining individual account value, still can acquire interest of accident die insurance. Can extract cash to be gotten as share of individual account value from inside individual account. Have guarantee slip to change a function. Plant nearly analytic capture expends means: Wholesale capture (one-time capture pays insurance premium) . Of insurant cast keep the age: 30 days - 70 years old. Cast defend amount: Every 1, 000 yuan, lowest 10. Live appreciation gives pay: Casting before 10 years after protecting, annual the individual account to policy-holder is extra allocate equivalence at individual account value of 1% live appreciation gives pay. Die gives pay: Be like insurant die, reach the sum of die insurance gold and policy holder to value of account of the individual when paying insurant die already basic insurance premium deducts the wholesale pay that capture pays of the remaining sum after the individual account value that accumulative total already got bigger person grant beneficiary beneficiary of die insurance gold. Gold of accident die insurance: If insurant encounters contingency and of the 180 inside the day die since the day that produces from this accident (do not include sudden death) , will give Fu Shuang assurance of times accident die beneficiary beneficiary of gold of insurance of Jin Yu die. All sorts of analysis of expenses are initiative charge: Wholesale pay is basic 10% of insurance premium, initiative charge is deducted before entering individual account. Guarantee slip administration fee: Guarantee odd administration fee every months according to the 0.04167%(0.5%/12) collection of individual account value, lowest is 3.75 yuan. The part gets the poundage of individual account value: The poundage that gets value of partial individual account every time is 25 yuan. Cast protect lady of plum of give typical examples 45 years old, basic insurance premium casts wholesale capture 100 thousand yuan kept friendly nation " benefit much treasure " B money is lifelong birthday danger (all-purpose model) . Ms. Li can obtain following yield beyond, still can obtain die safeguard and accident die safeguard. The client buys proposal common saying to say fish and bear's paw cannot hold concurrently, although universal a place difficult of access has safeguard function already, have function of investment conduct financial transactions again, but sheet is not very conspicuous for some respect function. For instance: In the function that ensures a respect, be inferior to pure safeguard kind product safeguard strength is great; Investing respect of conduct financial transactions, the probability that because basically do not have what risk,obtains high-grade yield so is very low, usually, all-purpose model the yield of the product still is inferior to the product of conduct financial transactions such as national debt. Additional, all-purpose model the product is in period the poundage that subtract high specified number wants first (initiative charge) , collect odd administration fee of be bailed out every months even later, accordingly it suits long-term investment, if casting before a few years when protect to be retreated,take away value of all individual account, obtain even capital even do not come back. Because of this kind of product more agree with to have demand to safeguard and investment, and have the person of certain and long-term unused financing. But the insurance that bank channel sells has certain limitation: Above all, line of the products is opposite for less, no matter be,still go up in the sale in products plan silver protects a product to get not small limitation, give priority to with wholesale capture product commonly, the room of consumer preference is little; Next, professional insufficient, after all the bank is acting sale only square, of the salesperson professional and procuratorial to be inferior to on the understanding of the product, some him salespersons are sciolistic still to the product, more go introducing customer what is more,the rather that; Again, put in certain inductivity, insurance Wu is a the bank is very big business intermediate, the individual salesperson of the bank to finish the task or the poundage with be obtained certain, meet sometimes revulsive consumer, for example affirmatory high yield; Finally, after service is put in blemish, insurance is bought in the bank, when policy-holder be or get out of danger needs manage compensate, normally can oneself go seeking insurance company, cannot get procuratorial help.

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