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Restful person life is universal serious illness is safe
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Universal life danger gets with its agile safeguard, dovish investment all the time the favour of broad client. A few days ago, initiate of group of risk of Chinese smooth security " healthy and all-purpose " concept, roll out " restful Zhi Furen gives birth to universal insurance + to weigh disease to be sure " plan. As home one of first insurance company that roll out universal life danger, china devotes oneself to the innovation of the product all the time in safety. The plan of the universal insurance that weigh disease that rolls out this maintained former Zhi Furen to lay universal life risk already " lifelong safeguard is dovish investment " advantage, gifted again the safeguard of client health respect. This plan advantage is clear, stretch insurance cost pay and agile double safeguard, make it suits to have the program of lifelong safeguard very; In the meantime, its open and function of dovish yield, agile conduct financial transactions, transparent item characteristics, make it made dovish investment again go up beautiful choice. Without doubt, this is one is individual and family to measure the comprehensive plan of the conduct financial transactions of give attention to two or morethings that has something made to order personally and safeguard only. Double safeguard is protected " " convoy is on current market, investment insurance product was obtained gradually approbate extensively, more person begins to pay close attention to safe investment function; Meanwhile, pay close attention to increasingly as what the citizen reachs family health to oneself, healthy insurance also became a lot of people to buy safe first selection. "Healthy and all-purpose " the plan lays foundation of universal life danger in original Zhi Furen, increased to add give Fu Chong big disease assurance ahead of schedule. Should plan 28 kinds to include the man, 30 kinds of major diseases give the woman ahead of schedule pay, offer healthy insurance and lifelong Shou Xianshuang to weigh safeguard for the client. The client can be in according to oneself the demand of different life phase, the choice is corresponding all-purpose advocate protect basically nearly the forehead and add what give Fu Chong big disease assurance ahead of schedule is basic keep the specified number, maintain solid umbrella for oneself and family thereby, all enjoy the life that do not have care. Keep the specified number free and agile alterable   " the universal insurance that weigh disease " the period capture insurance premium of the plan continue to use all-purpose advocate the agile capture of danger expends configuration, add give Fu Chong big disease assurance ahead of schedule cost of barrier of be bailed out controls in the account of value of existing guarantee slip from the client only, no longer the insurance cost with additional collection. The client can give birth to the different need of level according to different person, changing period capture insurance premium (period pay insurance cost needs to be more than be equal to 5000 yuan) below the circumstance, freedom is adjusted advocate protect the forehead and additional risk basically to keep the specified number basically nearly. As identical as universal a place difficult of access, add aggravating disease risk to plan to also can enjoy function of delay pay insurance cost, namely policy-holder is in when facing insurance cost of temporarily faint pay, still can maintain the effectiveness of guarantee slip. Investment keeps a copy while steady gains is providing stretch and double safeguard, "The universal insurance that weigh disease " the investment dominant position that the plan continues to have universal life a place difficult of access, the guarantee slip value that shares investment year make sure interest rate is 1.75% , the client achieves higher investment return rate possibly still, go up in this foundation with the month compound interest plan ceases appreciation. Hold to dovish investment principle all along in safety, take an active part in investment channel innovation, since universal insurance appears on the market, behave in accrual respect not common, rise from July 2005 already successive stability of rate of annual interest of 12 months settle accounts is in 3.35% . The personage inside course of study says frankly, below the concept of innovation, "The universal insurance that weigh disease " plan pioneer home " healthy and all-purpose " concept, promoted the safeguard of universal insurance the function already, enhanced the flexibility of the product, satisfied the integrated requirement such as broad client safeguard, investment from many sided again.

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