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"Good faith bless health " risk of medical treatment health
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One, guarantee rangeThe product of insurance of high-end medical treatment that domestic head sheet covers individual health in the round, safeguard limits includes: · common disease; · major disease; · be in hospital is all medical treatment charge (contain an individual prandial cost, nurse expend and accompany protect administration fee) ; · average outpatient service, emergency call and require cost of outpatient service medical treatment especially; · bears cost (be restricted to labor naturally and abort accidentally) ; Charge of · dentistry disease; · does not have franchise; · does not suffer cure to protect submit an expense account limits limitation;

2, safeguard forehead is spentSafeguard forehead is spent tall, safeguard type is rich: Equalize of · safeguard plan: Ensure amount 1.2 million yuan of RMBs, major disease 660 thousand; · ensures a plan 2: Ensure amount 1 million yuan of RMBs, major disease 500 thousand; · ensures a plan 3: Ensure amount 600 thousand yuan of RMBs, major disease 300 thousand;

3, medical treatment servesThe person protects money danger and Beijing each are big the hospital wants outpatient service especially or ministry of international medical treatment cooperates, provide high quality medical treatment service to you: · sees a doctor without cash: Client go to a doctor need not charge of medical treatment of pay for sb and expect to be repaid later, without after the event manage compensate submits an expense account link; · needs outpatient department especially (or ministry of international medical treatment) ; · expert cure; · breakthrough cure is protected with medicine (contain entrance drug) ; · enclothes extensive network hospital;

4, other safeguard servesThe Chinese protects money danger and clasp of professional help corporation to offer as follows to you round-the-clock and all-around exalted service: · whole journey seeing a doctor dogs service; Have a change of luck of · medical treatment (contain personage of the vehicle in sky, foreign nationality to be able to turn carry back country) ; · medical treatment sends return (contain the vehicle in sky) ; · 24 hours bilingual (in / flower) the hot line serves; 24 hours of medical treatment help · special railway line; · tightens emergency treatment hold 24 hours (the whole nation) ; Group of Doctor · private provides health and service of guidance seeing a doctor; · free check-up (annual two) ;

5, medical treatment helps a partnerThis insurance product service and medical treatment aid just are Beijing force technology of numerous Hua Yuan serves limited company, technology of Beijing force numerous Hua Yuan serves limited company to protect money danger to offer a product to seek advice to help a service with medical treatment to the client on behalf of the Chinese.
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