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Believe assurance of sincere moist be satisfactory to both sides
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Letter sincere " start tomorrow " money of D of insurance of moist be satisfactory to both sides is insurance of a share out bonus be satisfactory to both sides, offer provide for the aged to live for the 0 insurant that come 55 years old gold and die safeguard. The program of individual finance affairs according to policy-holder decides insurant pay cost time and live gold begins to get when, and still can pass with the letter sincere freedom of other and multinomial insurance is tie-in, form a comprehensive and acceptable integrated safeguard plan. Plant nearly the characteristic lives gold comes to Fu Zhi lifelong: Press insurance amount every year 10% to pay live gold till die. Ensure die: Add up to the die inside the corresponding period, give according to certain proportion pay die insurance gold. 3 kinds of capture expend deadline: 10 years, 15 years or 20 years 3 kinds of capture are expended period. 4 kinds of cash get time: Insurance contract go into effect is full 20 anniversary, insurant year full 55 one full year of life, 60 one full year of life or 65 one full year of life. Give to pay cash bonus and special extra dividend: Give to pay cash every year bonus, guarantee slip become effective fastens bonus to Fu Te after 10 years. Free choice collocation believes sincere other product: With the letter sincere cost of medical treatment of insurance of allowance of insurance of medical treatment of fixed birthday danger, accident injury insurance, accident harm, major disease insurance, be in hospital, be in hospital compensates medical treatment safe, operation is subsidiary disease of insurance of insurance premium of insurance, exempt, female is sure to wait multinomial and add, composition ensures a plan integratedly. Plant nearly the analysis lives insurance gold: Since the day that get, give every year pay insurance amount 10% as live insurance gold. Die insurance gold: If insurant is inside contract period of efficacy unfortunate die, will press the following one of 4 kinds of circumstances give pay die insurance gold: (1) if live,insurance gold begins Fu Qian, insurant misfortune die, =2 of die insurance gold times insurance amount; (2) if live,insurance gold gives pay a frequency inadequacy 10 times, insurant misfortune die, =2 of die insurance gold times insurance amount - already got live insurance gold; (3) if live,insurance gold gives after paying 10 times, insurant misfortune die, amount of insurance of = of die insurance gold; (4) if be in insurant die at that time insurance policy cost of money or already capture pays insurance premium amount to deduct already got live insurance Jin Zhi is poor the cost is higher than afore-mentioned 3 amount, will take highest value to give pay die insurance gold. In addition, if one one full year of life is not worth when insurant die, press insurance amount 50% to pay die insurance gold; When be like insurant die full already a week year old but be not worth two one full year of life, press insurance amount 100% to pay die insurance gold. Cash shares out bonus: After contract become effective, the company is sure every year to run a state actually of business according to share out bonus, decide cash extra dividend allocates. Special extra dividend: Guarantee slip become effective after 10 years, press contract provision, additional fasten bonus to Fu Te. Cast protect gentleman of plum of give typical examples, 30 one full year of life, foreign enterprise white-collar, throw money of D of insurance of be satisfactory to both sides of Bao Xincheng moist, keep the specified number 100 thousand yuan, 20 years capture is expended, after choosing contract become effective 20 years, begin to get live gold, annual insurance cost is 14, 823 yuan, in all pay insurance cost 296, 460 yuan, if the safeguard interest that Mr Li acquires expresses: The client buys proposal endowment insurance is to have assuring investment relatively, can reduce the uncertainty of emeritus program, but return rate on the low side is its biggest drawback, need throws more capital talent to satisfy emeritus requirement. Settlement way is, the demand after retiring cent is two parts, the first part is basic living expenses, the 2nd part is the defray that assures life quality. Basic living expenses must assure, the endowment insurance that can assure to pay through buying is like annuity of danger of be satisfactory to both sides, provide for the aged to satisfy, the 2nd part can invest kind of product through buying, if universal a place difficult of access, investment is concatenate the gains such as danger is relative taller, but the risk also comes true relative to older product, assure the quality of senile life. In addition, consumer is OK according to oneself state, add appropriately certain specified amount spends " serious illness risk " , " medical treatment danger " or " accident danger " .

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