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New Chinese birthday " auspicious photograph is accompanied " add two new safegu
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● characteristic: On the market exclusive the ● of   of insurance of be satisfactory to both sides of a pair of times safeguard, double share out bonus can cast keep the age: Be born 30 days above comes coefficient of risk of ● of   of 55 one full year of life: ● of   of on the low side yield: On the low side gathers together in insurance company cast when connecting danger product, birthday of new Chinese of the last ten-day of a month rolled out safeguard of a collect and conduct financial transactions in the whole nation in August two kinds of functions at a suit " be satisfactory to both sides of money of A of auspicious photograph companion is safe (share out bonus) " . Fourfold safeguard   " auspicious photograph is accompanied " the function that before continueing not only, product of insurance of be satisfactory to both sides is ensured only and shares out bonus, increased to keep the specified number times doubler return return and assure time-expired get money two safeguard, namely the interest that fourfold function protected consumer. Go up with the market congener product photograph is compared, "Auspicious photograph is accompanied " bear add the share out bonus keeping the specified number with new Chinese individual life, the source that means of this kind of share out bonus may generate insurance company profit is participated in entirely allocate. The client can enjoy year every year bonus and " cease " bonus is double accrual: Insurance company undertakes the 70 % of assignable profit allocation in end of each financial year, form year extra dividend, give a client in order to increase the formal allocation of insurance amount; When contract happening stops the client's guarantee slip, the company will not distribute profit at that time 70 % allocation give a client, form " cease " bonus. Besides function of conduct financial transactions, "Auspicious photograph is accompanied " the safeguard function that still stressed insurance product, special devise pair of times social status safeguard that keeps the specified number. In can deliver the age level that maintain inside, if the client is cast protect 20 years period " auspicious photograph is accompanied " , pay the 4000 insurance cost to 5000 yuan every year, can have 200 thousand yuan social status, make safeguard interest of the client more sufficient, significant move and the domestic venture that because accident or disease infirmity reason are brought about,are on guard. Additional, "Auspicious photograph is accompanied " through 15 years, 20 years or after appreciation of 30 years is accumulated, when the contract is time-expired, the client is OK one-time get " auspicious photograph is accompanied " all insurance gold, can regard the child's education as gold, marriage gold already, also can regard oneself buy course of study as gold, annuities. Danger of share out bonus of the person that stabilize income aptly is to belong to invest kind of insurance product, the investor that buys a place difficult of access of share out bonus is in obtain die is ensured and live gold is returned still at the same time, return the operation result that can share insurance company with bonus means. Danger of share out bonus is assignable profit originates the mortality that insurance company assumes, investment gain rate and expense ratio and real difference. Below the environment that increases apparently in domestic inflation pressure, of new Chinese birthday " auspicious photograph is accompanied " it is to have safeguard and economy the characteristic product of double function, inflation of OK and reasonable avoid, alleviate effectively of maintenance rise brought pecuniary loss, increase fight risk ability. And insurance company takes the kind earnings bring to the same level commonly in respect of bonus of danger of share out bonus, namely the time with good gains narrows space of share out bonus a bit, those who regard accrual as bad time is mothball. Accordingly, although add,cease, the accrual of policy-holder or meeting show a long-term and dovish state, won't appear abrupt tall redound, the yield photograph that waits for product of other investment conduct financial transactions with fund, stock is older than difference. Hao of institute of insurance of university of central finance and economics performs Professor Su to express, stable to income and short-term inside for the policy-holder that plans without a good deal of expenditure, danger of share out bonus is right choice. But the fluidity of danger of share out bonus is poorer, if midway needs to cover,show, be equivalent to retreating protect, policy-holder can press guarantee slip only " cost of money " withdraw fund, the loss is accrual only anything but, the likelihood joins principal one cannot say for sure. Because this is unwell,do not stabilize at income, in short-term inside the consumer with a good deal of expenditure and primary insurance diseased safeguard is cast protect.

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