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How does the Chinese worker of enterprise of Shanghai fore
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About the problem of primary endowment insurance in foreign capital enterprise, the country has a regulation early: The decision that the << that the State Council released on June 26, 1991 reforms about system of company worker endowment insurance >> in, point out clearly: Square worker wants system of work up endowment insurance in foreign investment company, specific means is made by government of people of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government. The labor of industry of << foreign trader that labor department released on August 11, 1994 administers a regulation >> in specific provision, foreign enterprise must attend endowment insurance about the regulation according to the country, the standard that government of people of according to place sets, insurance premium of society of pay of full specified amount, worker individual also answers to be expended according to endowment insurance of concerned regulation pay, foreign enterprise still should build manual of << worker endowment insurance >> system, record worker length of service, salary and the pay that endowment insurance expends and pay a circumstance. According to decision of the State Council, the reform of system of endowment insurance of worker of << Shanghai town that Shanghai announced in Feburary 1993 implements plan in >> , stipulate the foreign trader invests the Chinese worker of the enterprise clearly, undertake reform by this plan. Of the same age in July, management board of Shanghai society insurance released concerned foreign trader to invest the announcement that primary endowment insurance expends worker of business pay China again, its are specific executive content is as follows: The foreign trader that the approval since January 1, 1993 establishs invests an enterprise, china is in entirely for its since the day that approves oneself formalities of worker conduction endowment insurance, extend oneself since the day of Chinese worker pay, by 30% of Chinese worker total wages, to company location area, county by the month primary endowment insurance expends pay of endowment insurance orgnaization, the bottom was built before 1992, but have not press those who stipulate primary endowment insurance expends pay, since January 1993, divide outside be being expended by afore-mentioned method capture, still should fill at the same time capture is pressed set before should the cost of primary endowment insurance of pay. The method that primary endowment insurance expends pay of Chinese worker individual, like the worker of other company. The project that primary endowment insurance expends, cost of the basic annuities after including Chinese worker to retire, medical treatment, death is mortuary grant-in-aid and make offerings to pension of directly-related members of one's family -parents. The foreign trader that approval establishs after January 1, 1993 invests an enterprise, basic annuities of the worker just retires in, by Shanghai executive plan fixes plan hair; The foreign trader that established before the bottom 1992 invests an enterprise, job of company of outer business investment is full retired worker of 3 years, its are basic the plan hair of annuities, by city society insurance management board is made separately transfer method. On November 25, 1995, after Shanghai released << to invest enterprise China worker to retire about this city foreign trader again plan hair method of endowment insurance gold >> , its basically set as follows: (1) reachs country and the emeritus age that Shanghai sets, uninterrupted length of service (include individual capture to expend fixed number of year) full 10 years, or have a job after January 1, 1993, pay cost is full 15 years, after dealing with emeritus formalities and classics check and ratify, can get old-age pension by the month. (2) works in foreign capital enterprise full 3 years, emeritus formalities dealt with before the bottom 1995, the average of the business pay with before the worker is retired 12 him months is base plan to send annuities, grant of all kinds allowance. (3) resents 3 years in job of foreign capital company, retired before the bottom 1995, the old person that carries out by Shanghai is old method plan sends lunar annuities. (4) 1996 year the endowment insurance pay of the retired worker after January 1, the measure that implements at present by Shanghai is carried out. (The old-age pension that worker of company of 5) foreign capital gets by the month must not exceed worker of Shanghai of on one year mean monthly 300% of salary, and must not under 40% . Look from afore-mentioned regulations, the Chinese worker of foreign capital enterprise, its attend the method of primary endowment insurance and pay, wait for a worker basically with state-owned company same, attending primary endowment insurance is medium the legal society right of square worker, foreign enterprise refuses in be, primary endowment insurance expends square worker pay is illegal behavior.

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