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What business is protected can aid provide for the aged
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From plant nearly in light of earnings pattern, the traditional, share out bonus that sells on the market at present, universal a place difficult of access and the purpose that invest concatenate danger to be able to achieve provide for the aged. The citizen can undertake choosing according to the circumstance of oneself, use at making up for the inadequacy of social endowment insurance. But different risk is planted characteristic each different, the crowd that suits to differ is cast protect.

Danger of traditional provide for the aged: It is affirmatory that its book interest rate, because this is in to get how many money in the future,be to cast what when protecting, can know truly, this one type agrees with style of conduct financial transactions is conservative, do not wish to assume the crowd of the risk.

Danger of share out bonus provide for the aged: Commonly those who keep a copy book interest rate, but often under traditional risk. Those who deserve attention is to share out bonus to be in nearly book the interest of share out bonus that there still is inaccuracy to decide besides interest rate. Share out bonus to cent shares out bonus for cash and protect the forehead to share out bonus again two kinds, cash share out bonus is in can cash every year directly, the share out bonus that keep the specified number sees safeguard from the angle that accumulates for a long time effect is more apparent.

Universal a place difficult of access: Have mostly assure profit, be in commonly 2% , 2.5% the left and right sides, but this return rate just is aimed at the investment account after deducting initiative expense. Namely 10 thousand yuan of insurance cost, the first year the likelihood just can enjoy this yield 3000 yuan only; Increase as fixed number of year nevertheless, the insurance cost scale that can enjoy yield will be increasing. Cannot make purely with bank deposit accrual so quite. But will for a long time look, cast for instance protect 20 years, its overhead expenses is cheaper still, the effect of compound interest can show the advantage of its redound. Better to economic atmosphere family suits quite.

Cast even danger: This is a risk of the investment in each type product is highest kind, of course risk and accrual are in together, also be a kind when gain higher income the most likely. It does not set the profit that keep a copy, insurance company is collection account administration fee only, profit and loss by the client all conceit. Insurance company establishs the combination of account of conduct financial transactions that has different color for the client, the financial product that its capital presses risk of invest in of certain proportion collocation to differ. Cast invest a gender nearly repeatedly stronger, suit risk consciousness the crowd with strong, higher income.

What need reminds is, special attention wants when choosing risk of provide for the aged insurance gold gets way, do not live every kinds of way and do not have very actor of low quality, depend on an individual particular case and idea.
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