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The enterprise can deny one-time settle accounts to leave
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Enterprise cannot one-time settle accounts leaves retiree pension. Already of settle accounts should give instantly correct.

Department of original on June 20, 1995 labor was released " the announcement that leaves pension about must not taking one-time close an account from retiree to the enterprise " (labor department sends 〔 1995 〕 262) point out, method of one-time settle accounts caused the dissatisfaction that leaves retiree, affected a society stable. This kind of practice is wrong, must give correct. This announcement sets:

One, every is carried out " the State Council retires about the worker, the temporary measure of quit working " area, decide emeritus age and condition of length of service to achieving national law, deal with emeritus, of quit working formalities, must concern a provision strictly according to the country, pay by the month emeritus (quit working) gold, must not adopt one-time settle accounts to retire (quit working) golden method.

2, every according to " the announcement that the State Council reforms about deepening system of company worker endowment insurance " (the country sends 〔 1995 〕 6) , the area that undertakes plan hair method reforms basic annuities, legal to reaching a nation emeritus age and pay expenses fixed number of year (contain look fixed number of year of the expenses that be the same as capture) the personnel that reachs formulary fixed number of year, must press a regulation on time full specified amount pays old-age pension, must not adopt one-time settle accounts to retire (quit working) golden method.

3, as a result of business failure, be close to going bankrupt, rent, contract, repulsive, terminate labor contract, find a place for personnel of have more than needed and economy cut down the member of persons employed wait for a reason, remove with the worker the enterprise that labor concerns, can concern a provision according to the country one-time the economy that pays a worker certain amount compensates gold. When its reach legal and emeritus age or legal and emeritus age reachs after new obtain employment, every joins the staff that emeritus charge society plans as a whole, still deal with emeritus formalities by orgnaization of social insurance agency, pay its old-age pension by the month.

4, every does not accord with afore-mentioned regulations to adopt pension of one-time settle accounts, must correct instantly.

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