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The problem that social endowment insurance faces and coun
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Deepen increasingly as what the enterprise reforms, the worker's fluidity increases with each passing day, the working relationship between enterprise and worker and social insurance concern are more and more complex, in the meantime, as ensure the enterprise leaves retiree annuities on time sufficient forelock puts policy fulfil, expenses of endowment insurance fund presents rigid growth. Our city endowment insurance is facing new issue of not little new case, should cause height to take seriously, serious thrash out. One, the problem   that current endowment insurance is faced with (one) progress of job of face of endowment insurance enlarge is slow. Current, state-owned, collective endowment insurance realized the our city basically already to be enclothed completely, economy of individual privately owned grows town very fast, to the end of this year October, the ginseng of individual private enterprise keeps whole town town the job or a quite weak link. Since reforming and opening, our city town is individual private enterprise from personnel of course of study in all 10. 40 thousand person. The State Council issues " the decision of the endowment insurance system that integrates about building " (the country sends 97 〕 of 〔 26) specific provision, town individual private enterprise brings into endowment insurance limits. To this, various labor department did a large number of works, but because resistance is great, this job has not open a phase, to the end of this year October, individual privately owned brings into whole town town in all 5508 person, hold town only individual privately owned 5 from gross of personnel of course of study. 2 % . A large number of town were not joined from personnel of course of study protect, affected town not only the development of economy of individual privately owned, also damaged the legitimate rights and interests from personnel of course of study. (2) break keep a problem increasingly serious. Because company production management depression is mixed,change make the impact that waits for an element, the our city is broken keep a problem more serious, brought about this part worker to break away from social endowment insurance " safety net " , abate also the ability propping up of endowment insurance fund. Alleged break protect even if attended social endowment insurance so, interrupt the phenomenon that pay endowment insurance expends as a result of a variety of reasons. To the end of this year October, whole town is broken keep staff in all twenty-four thousand five hundred and seventy-one person, 18 what occupy whole town ginseng to keep personnel number. 6 % , among them free profession person stop the 2457 person that keep, occupy the 10 % that keeps personnel number, the company changes to make and stop the 4103 person that keep, have 16. 7 % , business failure and stop the 1622 person that keep, occupy 6. 6 % , "Neither searchs " personnel sixteen thousand three hundred and eighty-nine person, occupy 66. 7 % , alleged " neither searchs " the personnel that personnel did not remove to labor concerns and interrupt pay endowment insurance to expend with the enterprise namely. (3) the number that owe cost increases, the rate that collect pay falls. Enterprise of the our city 97 years ago does not owe endowment insurance cost basically, the rate that collect pay all is in 98 % above, enter the enterprise after 98 years to owe grow in quantity of expenses year after year, to the end of 2001 accumulative total of whole town industry owes cost 3519. 80 thousand yuan, ask for capture on average to lead for 92. 1 % , with 97 years photograph comparing dropped nearly 6 percent. The rate that collect pay falls the disbursement that weakened endowment insurance fund ability. (4) retiree grow in quantity, structure of supply and demand is maladjusted. Via calculating, name of our city 1 needs from the annuities of retiree 5. 2 ginseng protect personnel to provide safeguard. Ginseng of industry of 96 year whole town protects a worker one hundred and twenty-three thousand five hundred and sixty-two person, from retiree twenty thousand four hundred and sixty-eight person, protect a worker from retiree and ginseng than be 1 : 6. Ginseng of industry of 2001 year whole town protects a worker one hundred and thirty-two thousand and twenty person, from retiree twenty-eight thousand five hundred and thirty-four person, break among them keep staff thirteen thousand nine hundred and sixty-eight person, one hundred and eighteen thousand and fifty-two person of pay cost worker, expend a number from emeritus number and capture than be 1 : 4. 1 . Among them the jujube is strong, Wu Yi, Wu Jiang, Rao Yang, An Ping, deep city, mound the city expends a number from emeritus number and capture than inadequacy: 3. 5 % . Because structure of supply and demand is unreasonable, although ask for pay rate to achieve 100 % , annuities also is entered not apply goes out. The existence of afore-mentioned problems, bring about annuities to close to be not touched, 2001 year divides city outside straight, Ji Zhou, other balance of income and expenses of pension of 10 counties urban district all presents deficit, have a deficit in all 26.87 million yuan. In the meantime, endowment insurance accumulates gold less and less, pay ability to drop apparently. End by this year October, except city the city zone of straight, peach is mixed outside Ji Zhou, other county town accumulates what Jin Jun is not worth 3 month to pay ability, exceeded the cordon of endowment insurance, old to maintaining truly gold on time sufficient forelock is put constituted menace. 2, the main reason of the problem occupies an analysis, appear the reason of afore-mentioned problems is many sided, basically be: (one) understanding does not reach the designated position. A lot of private enterprises advocate think, cast to employee protect, raise cost, profit drops, ginseng protect be in an unfavorable situation. Mill of factory of rubber of city treasure force, capital solder pipe is to have more large-scale private enterprise, beneficial result is right also, from 98 years we arouse their ginseng is protected, but they think, worker ginseng is protected, head of enterprise give oneself airs, it is the flesh that cuts him body to go up, do not wish to join protect, up to now still free is besides endowment insurance limits. Leader of a little state-owned cooperative mentions endowment insurance to have knowledge, but arrived capture take time, always with prevaricate of a lot of reason. Factory of city building materials is such, this factory accumulative total owes cost many yuan 220. (2) company production manages state depression, stop production goes bankrupt company increase. Recently, we go to 14 enterprise such as plant of fertilizer of An Ping county, food factory, candied floss factory, webby factory to undertake investigating, 3 when go bankrupt among them, 11 of long-term stop production, involve a worker 2100 much person. Such economic environments affected the result that collect pay. (3) labor department executes the law strength is insufficient. The State Council promulgates " social insurance premium collects pay temporary regulations " to endowment insurance enclothe the limits, system that collect pay and program, supervisory examination and legal responsibility to waited to make a provision, provided legal basis for labor department, but labor department executes the law lax, break the law not investigate the phenomenon is commonner. (4) our city obtain employment is difficult, it is not easy that the worker seeks a job, the unit does not give on insurance or deficit pay cost, the worker is fired because of be afraid of not dare excessive is begged. Open bright, person of outstanding ability, collect the private school such as dragon, Na Yuan to do very prosperously, the teacher all fastens graduate of old technical secondary school, consciousness of their endowment insurance is very strong, but the president does not give the assurance on them, as a result of they are afraid of the squid that be fried and submit to humiliation, these a few schools did not bring into endowment insurance limits up to now. 3, will work henceforth fund of measure endowment insurance is to ensure annuities on time the corporeal base that sufficient forelock puts, good to do " ensure " the job, should take following step: (one) deepen enterprise reform, raise economic benefits. The basic outlet of endowment insurance depends on expanding economy, raise economic benefits. The Party Central Committee, the State Council asks, should capture economic structural adjustment closely this masterstroke, drive economy to develop continuously hard. Structural adjustment should gain materiality headway, depend on finally the main body action of the enterprise. For this, the enterprise wants consciousness of aggrandizement main body, strengthen market survey, develop way clearly, do well technical reformation and product development, the advantage is bred in adjust, accelerate development, raise economic benefits ceaselessly. Enterprise of half stop production should accelerate deficient to twisting all up and stop production change make step, in order to optimize configuration of factor of production, liven enterprise. (2) become nice town hard endowment insurance of individual privately owned works. Look from the circumstance of current investigation, individual privately owned puts town generally in attend endowment insurance to do not have necessary, disagreement to calculate, fluky understanding error. To this, want to strengthen the conduct propaganda of specific aim to teach, raise them to enter the consciousness that protect. On propagandist foundation, still must adopt mandatory measure. 〔 of province government Ji Zheng 33 files set 98 〕 , department of industrial and commercial administration should join town private enterprise and individual worker endowment insurance to serve as the content of industrial and commercial yearly check, protect to be not being joined do not grant to deal with formalities of yearly check qualification. Various labor department should carry out Ji Zheng 〔 seriously 98 〕 33 files spirit, restrict together with industrial and commercial management department, manage production stabler, the individual privately owned with better benefit brings into endowment insurance limits, this difficulty breakthrough. (3) aggrandizement measure, do the work collecting pay of cost of good endowment insurance. Current, rate of pay of endowment insurance Fei Zheng is inferior, want to change this kind of condition, must take a few step, among them the most important is social security orgnaization wants strict according to the State Council " social insurance premium collects pay temporary regulations " regulation, had used with sufficient policy. Do not declare capture to expend by the regulation to those, have check to its by social security orgnaization above all, base of number of key audit worker, wage and financial capacity, press " byelaw " the regulation undertakes condemnatory to concerning responsibility person. (4) had done hard break the add that keeps staff to keep the job. To ensure prospective worker often is raised somewhat, enhance fund to support ability, various labor department should carry out labor to ensure a ministry seriously " about beginning again the announcement that obtain employment aid acts " spirit, advance actively again obtain employment works, want to catch grip good add to keep the job at the same time. Want a foundation actual condition, plan to make add defend executive plan, organize carry out. The content that add defends plan should include add to protect object, investigation to try to find out the real intention, conduct propaganda is started, make known to lower levels " advice note of continue of social endowment insurance " , pay cost add is protected, policy measure and the time limit that finish. Inside demarcate date add protects, carry out from wide policy, go up by complete at that time province namely the capital that the 60 % of year of company equal pay leads computational endowment insurance to expend for base, uptodate cost and accrual, decrease receive fine for delaying payment. Protect to the add outside demarcate date from severe, press the capital that visits year of company to make the same score salary to lead computational endowment insurance to expend for base, uptodate cost completely at that time and accrual namely, increase the fine for delaying payment that receives 2 ‰ by day, fine for delaying payment not plan enter individual account. Every not add protects, belong to those who bring into play, do not grant to deal with move formalities, belong to do newly emeritus, the nucleus reduces annuities salary. Individual capture expends accumulative total of fixed number of year to resent 15 years, after retiring, do not enjoy receive annuities treatment by the month, its individual account stores one-time defray pays the forehead him, endowment insurance relation removes in the meantime. (5) retire strictly examine and approve the job. Emeritus the personal interest that examines and approve the job to involve a worker, also matter to the reasonable expenditure of endowment insurance fund, must undertake honestly, for this, should build retire soundly examine and approve fair show a system, manage emeritus staff to drafting namely, before newspaper labor department is examined and approve, undertake in the worker by the enterprise first fair show, generation of labour union of sufficient play company, duty is met and supervisory action of the worker. Various labor service and social security orgnaization should execute combination to handle official bussiness, do not discuss human relationship, not break, do good worker strictly to retire according to policy regulation examine and approve the job. Retreat personnel to disease, should decrease appropriately deliver emeritus treatment, decrease the basic annuities that sends 2 % one year ahead of schedule by every. In addition, should die not to sign up for from retiree in the light of few number, issue of pension of falsely claim as one's own, begin regularly live from retiree census works, discovery is investigated one case together, not only the annuities that should recover falsely claim as one's own, undertake to person of falsely claim as one's own economy is punished even, ensure fund not prediction of a person's luck in a given year.

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