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What is the system of primary endowment insurance that the
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The system of primary endowment insurance that the society integrates with individual account photograph as a whole is system of a kind of of the initiate on our country alive bound new-style primary endowment insurance. This system is in of fund of primary endowment insurance raise money on use fee of traditional primary endowment insurance raise money mode, mix by country, unit namely the individual is collective burden; Fund of primary endowment insurance executes aid of social each other; The plan hair method of structural style is used on the plan hair of basic annuities, the incentive element that emphasizes individual account annuities and labor contribute a difference. Accordingly, this system absorbed the advantage of traditional endowment insurance system already, drew lessons from the good qualities of individual account mode again; The characteristic with strong sex of the benefit of social each other that reflected the social assurance on traditional sense already, dispersive risk, safeguard, the ego that emphasized a worker again ensures consciousness and incentive mechanism. Carry out in China as this system medium ceaseless and perfect, be sure to produce far-reaching effect to phylogeny of world endowment insurance.

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