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What is basic annuities?
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Endowment insurance system is implemented in our country before reform, basic annuities also weighs pension, emeritus cost, it is a kind of the mainest endowment insurance pay. Namely regulation of national relevant document. In laborer aged or after losing labor ability, the contribution that makes to social place according to them and have enjoyment endowment insurance qualification or emeritus condition, press a month or one-time the insurance salary that pays with monetary form, basically use at ensuring the basic life need after the worker is retired. 1991, " the decision that the State Council reforms about system of company worker endowment insurance " (the country sends [1991]33 date) regulation: As economic development, primary endowment insurance and business are additional since work up endowment insurance and the system that endowment insurance photograph integrates sex of worker individual deposit. 1997, " the company worker that the State Council unites about building is basic the decision of endowment insurance system " (the country sends [1997]26 date) in make clear further: Various people government wants a social insurance career to bring into economy of our region countryman and social progress to plan, carry out primary endowment insurance to be able to ensure the principle that retiree lives basically only, get ameliorative ceaselessly to make the life that leaves retiree develops as economy and society, reflect principle of distribution according to work and area development level and the difference of business economic benefits, various places should be with concerned branch below national policy guidance expand enterprise complement endowment insurance energetically, the additional effect that produces commercial insurance at the same time. Current, be opposite according to the country the overall train of thought of system of primary endowment insurance, substitution rate of target of primary endowment insurance is future certainly 58.5% . Can see from this, main purpose is in basic henceforth annuities to live basically at ensuring the old age of broad retiree.

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