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Endowment insurance has a few kinds of kinds
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The generation of endowment insurance and development, be united in wedlock together cheek by jowl with national politics, economy and social culture, it is the product that socialization produces greatly, also be the mark that the society progresses. Current, the country that endowment insurance system implements on the world can be divided for 3 sort model, cast namely protect aid financially model (also cry traditional) endowment insurance, compulsive deposit endowment insurance (also call accumulation fund mode) plan as a whole with the country model endowment insurance. Additional, our country basis specific national condition of China, creativity ground carried out " society to combine the primary endowment insurance of " to reform mode with individual account photograph as a whole, the exploration through 5 years and perfect, progressively already trend is mature. As the elapse of time, this one mode is sure to make the basic kind that has force more and more on phylogeny of world endowment insurance.

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