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What is emeritus charge society plans as a whole
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The worker is retired a charge society is system of worker endowment insurance as a whole serious content, show by the society insurance administration is united inside certain limits collect, centralized management, unified the system that regulates emeritus fare. Specific measure is, change enterprise loses a this business severally the method of emeritus cost, change to be united to enterprise and worker according to fixed computational cardinal number and extraction scale by social insurance device or tax authority collect emeritus fee, form the emeritus fund that consolidates management by the society, the emeritus charge of company worker extends directly by social insurance device, or entrust bank, post-office generation hair and entrust an enterprise to extend, in order to achieve balanced with the emeritus expense burden that reduces an enterprise, the equal competition that is an enterprise creates a condition. As socialization degree rise, emeritus charge undertakes adjusting between the enterprise inside limits of city, county not only, and undertake adjusting between the area, transfer as a whole by city, county stage by stage provincial as a whole.

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