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What is individual deposit sex endowment insurance
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Sex of worker individual deposit endowment insurance is our country mutiple level a component of endowment insurance system, be attend of one's own accord by the worker, the form of a kind of compensatory insurance that chooses agency orgnaization of one's own accord. By the sex of worker individual deposit of agency of social insurance device endowment insurance, by the society insurance director branch makes particular way, worker individual the wage income circumstance according to oneself, by sex of deposit of formulary pay individual endowment insurance is expended, write down the account of endowment insurance individual that local society insurance device opens in concerned bank, should press not under or prep above the corresponding period is urban and rural interest rate of dweller deposit saving plan breath, attend deposit sex with advocate and urging worker individual endowment insurance, income interest writes down individual account, principal and interest puts in worker individual 's charge along with all the others all. After the worker achieves legal and emeritus age to retire via approval, endowment insurance gold always pays or divide deposit sex by individual account second pay oneself. The worker steps area flow, endowment insurance gold should transfer the deposit sex of individual account subsequently. The worker did not die to emeritus age, the deposit sex that writes down individual account endowment insurance gold should accede by its assigner or heir at law. Practice sex of worker individual deposit the purpose of endowment insurance, depend on enlarging origin of endowment insurance funds, much channel raises money endowment insurance fund, reduce the burden of country and enterprise; Be helpful for eliminating the insurance expenses that forms for a long time to come down completely by national " bag the idea of " , the ego that enhances a worker ensures consciousness and the initiative that participate in social insurance; Also can promote pair of social insurance jobs to execute extensive masses to supervise at the same time. Endowment insurance can execute individual deposit sex to complement with the enterprise the method of endowment insurance link up with, with promote and increasing the enthusiasm that the worker shares.

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