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The basic frame of system of our country active endowment
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Enterprise lawfully primary endowment insurance expends pay, capture expends scale to must not exceed 20% of enterprise total wages commonly. " pilot program " regulation, business pay cost is current prep above the area of 20% , but of short duration is maintained changeless. Business pay cost delimits no longer partly individual account, bring into a society to plan as a whole entirely fund, and in order to save (municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government) undertake adjusting for the unit. Endowment insurance society plans as a whole fund brings into finance only door, execute income and expenses two line management, cannot take up individual account fund, forbidden hold back, crowded occupy, divert.

11% what dimensions of worker individual account expends salary for him capture, among them 8% by individual pay, 3% for business pay cost delimits. " pilot program " regulation, individual account dimensions expends salary by him capture 11% adjust for 8% . Individual account stores how many frontal, depend on specified amount of individual pay cost and income of individual account fund, announce regularly by orgnaization of social insurance agency. Individual account fund is used at worker provide for the aged only, must not shift to an earlier date draw money. The worker is crossed as a whole when limits flows, individual account be accompanying is transferred. Worker or retiree die, individual account can accede. Individual account fund consolidates management by orgnaization of agency of provincial society insurance, by the country the regulation stocks a bank, use at buying national debt entirely, maintain value rise in value in order to come true, yield wants interest rate of saving of the corresponding period of prep above bank.

3, the requirement that the worker gets basic old-age pension

The worker gets the requirement of basic annuities by the month, it is to reach legal and emeritus age, already dealt with emeritus formalities; 2 it is to be in unit and individual to attended endowment insurance to fulfill endowment insurance capture to expend obligation lawfully; 3 it is individual pay cost at least full 15 years (transfer period inside pay expenses fixed number of year includes to look fixed number of year of the expenses that be the same as capture) . Accord with the personnel of afore-mentioned conditions, pay old-age pension by the month. Current, legal and emeritus age is the company worker of our country: Male worker is 60 years old; Be engaged in management and the female worker that scientific research works 55 years old; Undertake production and project diligent the female worker of auxiliary job is 50 years old.

4, pay of primary endowment insurance is basic annuities is comprised by fundamental annuities and individual account annuities. The worker reachs legal and emeritus age and individual pay cost is full 15 years, lunar level is fundamental annuities province (municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government) or city (the ground) on year worker is mean monthly 20% of salary. " pilot program " regulation, capture expends every to raise old-age pension of certain proportional foundation one year completely after, overall level control is in 30% the left and right sides; Individual capture expends dissatisfaction 15 years, do not issue a foundation annuity, individual account stores entirely the forehead pays him. Fundamental annuities plans as a whole by the society fund pays; Individual account annuities pays by individual account fund, the month extends the standard stores according to him account the forehead is divided with 120. After individual account fund is gone, plan as a whole by the society fund pays. Had left emeritus staff, still issue annuity by the regulation with former state; Consolidated the staff that countrywide company worker has a job before system of primary endowment insurance 1997, it is after its are emeritus on the basis that issues a foundation annuities and individual account annuity, reappearance gives transitional annuities.
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