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The main feature of endowment insurance
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Endowment insurance is the main component of social insurance system, besides have a society to be sure outside the common characteristic such as sex of aid of mandatory, each other and catholicity, still have the following and main feature:

(one) attend insurance and the consistency that enjoy treatment. The participant of project of other society insurance can not enjoy corresponding treatment certainly, and the enjoyment of endowment insurance pay the crowd is the most affirmatory, the the most general, most complete. Because almost everybody can enter old age, need provide for the aged. Once the specific crowd that joins endowment insurance enters old age, can enjoy endowment insurance treatment.

(2) the measurable sex that ensures a level. The basic function of endowment insurance is to ensure laborer to be in aged the basic life when, this decides its ensure a level to want measurable, both neither can be too low, also cannot exorbitant. Generally speaking, the integral level of endowment insurance wants prep above poverty to relieve the level of line and unemployed insurance gold, under the society average wage is mixed the income level when the individual is on-the-job.

(3) the long-term sex that enjoys time. Once the staff that joins endowment insurance is achieved enjoy the condition of pay or gain the competence that enjoys treatment, till die,can enjoy treatment for a long time. Its salary standard is stabilized basically, rise stage by stage normally, and won't drop.

(4) safeguard means is mutiple level. The endowment insurance of broad sense, include the primary endowment insurance that domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household decides the country not only, the compensatory endowment insurance that still includes unit of choose and employ persons to build (enterprise annuity) , the deposit sex that the individual participates of one's own accord endowment insurance. Build and perfect mutiple level endowment insurance system, already made trend of a kind of international.

(5) contact with photograph of domestic provide for the aged. The generation of endowment insurance and development, the part that replaced traditional family provide for the aged stage by stage is major even function. When degree of endowment insurance safeguard is inferior, the effect of domestic provide for the aged is a few bigger; When rate of endowment insurance safeguard is higher, the action of domestic provide for the aged is corresponding and abate. But endowment insurance can not replace domestic provide for the aged completely. The constitution of almost all country or law stipulated the citizen has the principle of obligation of support old person. Accordingly, endowment insurance and domestic provide for the aged are the unity of mutual connection, bring out the best in each other.

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