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What is enterprise complement endowment insurance
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Enterprise complement endowment insurance is to point to by company foundation oneself economy actual strength, the executive policy that sets in the country and the endowment insurance that a kind of when this company worker place builds auxiliary sex is below executive condition. It is on the 2nd administrative levels in mutiple level endowment insurance system, by the country interior of macroscopical guidance, enterprise is decision-making carry out. Enterprise complement endowment insurance and primary endowment insurance have distinction to have connection again already. What its distinguish main body to show to go up in the administrative levels of two kinds of endowment insurance and function is different, its contact main body to show the policy in two kinds of endowment insurance and level mutual connection, inseparable. Enterprise complement endowment insurance ensures sectional government by labor, the unit executes compensatory endowment insurance, should choose to ensure the orgnaization agency that service maintains via labor. The financing of enterprise complement endowment insurance raises means has close to pay now now make, the part is accumulated make and accumulate completely make 3 kinds. Cost of enterprise complement endowment insurance can be assumed completely by the enterprise, or assume jointly by enterprise and employee both sides, assume scale to be decided by agreement of both sides of labour and capital. Enterprise interior is set commonly by fatigue, endowment the board of directors of bilateral composition, be in charge of matters concerned of enterprise complement endowment insurance.

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