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System of our country endowment insurance undertook what m
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System of our country endowment insurance is built from 50 time initial stage since, experienced nearly 40 old practice, leave the basic life of retiree to safeguard, stabilize a society, stimulative economy progress had main effect, transfer to market economy from traditional planned economy in the process, endowment insurance system must undertake major reform, ability gets used to the need that system of our country social security admits.

Since 80 time metaphase, our country undertook a series of reform to endowment insurance system, endowment insurance charge fulfils responsibility of tripartite of individual of country, enterprise, worker, decided build a nation sex of deposit of primary endowment insurance, enterprise complement endowment insurance, individual the target of the endowment insurance system with mutiple level endowment insurance. 1993, endowment insurance system undertook major reform, execute the principle that the society integrates with individual account photograph as a whole. 1997, decision of the State Council, worker of unified inside countrywide limits company is basic endowment insurance system. Main show is in centralized system 3 respects: It is to unite the capture with normative enterprise and individual to expend scale. Business pay expends scale not to exceed 20% of total wages commonly, 8% what scale of individual pay fee wants to reach this person pay stage by stage. 2 it is the scale that consolidated individual account. Individual account is same the 11% records that press individual salary. 3 was to unite method of basic annuities calculation. Set gold of primary endowment insurance to basically comprise by two parts: One part is fundamental annuities, press the 20% computation of local average wage, every is expended by formulary capture and pay expenses fixed number of year is full 15 years, can enjoy this treatment; Another part is individual account annuities, accumulate the forehead to divide by the account when retiring with 120 computation.

Current, the whole nation achieved the goal of centralized system basically already. In the meantime, most province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government presses the demand of the State Council, executed primary endowment insurance provincial as a whole; So the endowment insurance of 11 industries works to had transferred local management as a whole.

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