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Average more than life
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Say lifetime looks at a value again. Namely the average of more than life. It is the more than life that points to some age. Begin from this age that is to say till death live on average year period, x year old average more than lot indicates with Ex. For example, the mean life when Shanghai male is 0 years old was 70.53 years old 1981. And 60 years old of males are average and passable expectation lives year period it is 16.43 years on average (normally 0 years old average more than life calls mean life) . What publish on the newspaper is general it is mean life, average more than life and mean life are two kinds of different ideas, what cannot decrease some age simply to be namely some year old with mean life is average more than life. As above exemple, shanghai man mean life was 70.53 years old 1981, but cannot say the man is average 60 years old more than life is 70.53-60=10.53 year old, however 16.43 years old, will be fallacious otherwise.

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