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The executive condition of enterprise annuity
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Generally speaking, build enterprise annuity to should have the following requirement: 1. Had attended society of primary endowment insurance to plan as a whole, and can on time primary endowment insurance expends pay of full specified amount. This is the precondition of executive enterprise annuity. 2. The enterprise has economy to bear ability. Alleged have economy to bear ability, it is to be below the condition that enterprise pension fund does not allow to take cost, the enterprise can offer a fund for enterprise annuity with own reserves; 2 it is to be below the condition that enterprise pension fund allows to take cost partly, the fund that receives cost will not affect the competitive ability of the enterprise. The business that builds enterprise annuity cannot be deficit enterprise, do not allow to default worker pay or benefit of tax of the state that owe pay. The economy of the enterprise supports ability and economic benefits circumstance, deciding an enterprise to whether have the on any account of the condition that establishs enterprise annuity and enterprise pension standard. 3. Enterprise interior workers congress and labor organization or collective negotiation system are sounder, democracy management foundation is better. This is the fundamental condition that enterprise annuity is built and carries out smoothly. Enterprise annuity involves personal interest of the worker, make and carry out plan to must pass due democratic process, should be passed by the workers congress commonly or form with the form of collective negotiation.

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