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The basic principle of endowment insurance
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(one) safeguard lives basically. The purpose of primary endowment insurance is the basic life after exiting labor field to laborer gives safeguard. This one principle emphasizes social fairness morely, be helpful for low income estate. Generally speaking, low income crowd is basic annuities substitution rate (show annuities is equivalent to on-the-job when the scale of wage income) taller, and the substitution rate of good-paying crowd is relatively inferior. Laborer still can complement through attending endowment insurance (enterprise annuity) with individual deposit sex endowment insurance, gain income of higher provide for the aged. (2) fairness and efficiency photograph are united in wedlock. Standard of endowment insurance salary should reflect social fairness already, should reflect again individual the difference between, in safeguard social fairness while, strong take good care of sb often is sure the action to promoting efficiency. (3) the right and compulsory phase correspondence. The principle that at present most country executes the right and obligation to answer relatively in system of primary endowment insurance, ask to join the obligation that guarantees personnel to fulfill a regulation only namely, ability enjoys endowment insurance treatment of the regulation. These obligation basically include: Attend primary endowment insurance lawfully; The lowermost pay that primary endowment insurance expends pay and reachs a regulation lawfully expends fixed number of year. Pay of primary endowment insurance is a condition with cost of endowment insurance pay, the time length that expends with capture and amount how many direct and relevant. (4) government serves socialization. According to the principle with apart government affairs, the government is entrusted or establish social orgnaization to manage endowment insurance general affairs and fund. Should establish independence at the endowment insurance system besides enterprise institution, must execute socialization to extend to annuities, rely on community to begin the administrative servive routine of retiree. (5) share socioeconomy to develop fruit. Below the condition that improves generally in social consumption level, the actual standard of living of retiree drops relatively likely. Accordingly, be necessary to build basic annuities to adjust a mechanism, make the income level of retiree is mixed as the development of socioeconomy of worker pay standard rise and rise ceaselessly, in order to share the fruit that socioeconomy develops.

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